SkullDuggery: verbal mis representations

SkullDuggery: verbal mis representations is a writing class specifically designed to help you improve your fiction- and memoir-writing skills, whether you write in short or long forms. It’s also designed to give you the time and space to write each week, as well as to provide you with tips for submitting the pieces you’ll be finishing in class.

Each weekly class is three hours long, and is held in SE Portland. Classes are drop-in — meaning that you come at your convenience, as your schedule allows. Drop-in cost is $20/class or you can purchase a six-session SkullPunch card (good for any six sessions between now and the end of September, don’t have to be consecutive) for $110.

The first hour of each class provides time for writing. I will give students an optional prompt (which can be either used then, saved for later, or completely ignored). For first timers or occasional participants, the prompt will be general. For those who come regularly, the prompt will be geared toward your skill set and what you’re working on. For those who want to work toward submitting their work, the prompts will be geared toward writing something for a specific market.

The second and third hour will be for a very short lesson, then mostly critique and feedback. The lessons will be everything from the craft of writing to tips on revision to tackling the submission process.

For the critique session, participants will bring copies of their work, up to eight pages. The writer will read the first page of his or her work aloud and then the class will read the rest of the work to themselves (this allows us to hear the writer’s voice, but also saves a great deal of time, since most people read faster to themselves). After, we’ll critique each piece in a way that will provide the writer with a path for moving forward (if it’s a draft, it will be general feedback for revision; if it’s a revision or final, it will be specific feedback for polishing the piece and sending it off to a market).

I AM going to cap the number of students who attend to ensure that students receive the most feedback and interaction possible.

If you’re interested in Skullduggery, please email me at